Let’s start at the beginning, no not when I was born, but when I was at school. I’m not going to lie and say I did excellent in school and it was easy. It wasn’t. I struggled with school and that place really wasn’t for me… I tried my best but the school failed to see my disabilities ending with them asking me to leave the school.

I thought that was the worst thing to happen to me; with no qualifications, how would I survive in the future. I should add, that I have Aspergers syndrome and ADHD. I’m also dyslexic. My future was over, I thought – however, I was very wrong!

Let’s make the most out of my photography! I decided to work freelance for Alamy News Agency, I did work placement for myCornwall magazine as a photographer (what then went into paid work) and I also started up a market stall in my town selling photographs. I kept busy! 

My hard work and commitment was noticed; I was approached by a design and advertising agency based in Hayle at the time asking if I would come and work for them as an apprentice at the start and then working my way to full-time employment. YES! YES! YES! 

I started with social media management, then worked my way doing website design, graphic design and photography. My job title was a ‘digital creative’. I loved my life there, especially as we moved the office to Helston, where I live.

During my time there, outside of work, I built my photography up and became a keen road cyclist. I became resident photographer for Helstonbury Music Festival after they bought me a camera in October 2017 after my one broke. I also photographed various armed forces days, charity events, The Halloween Masked Ball, Porthleven Food & Music Festival and Helston Flora Day.

Sadly in January 2019, the company I worked for decided to close the doors and they made me redundant. I was going to work for the same boss but different company however, I was done for working the 9 till 5. Despite the job I had was amazingly creative and gave me so many opportunities! I just wanted something different, something more exciting and something more challenging. 

I became self-employed and applied to university. Nothing more challenging than both of them put together. 

So, I’m now studying Marine and Natural History Photography at Falmouth University. Whilst being a self-employed website designer and photographer. The road ahead is going to be so exciting and challenging. I can’t wait.